The Bulgarian Association for People Management is a non-governmental organization, established to support and develop the professionals in the people management field.

The membership in BAPM is voluntary and is regulated by Art. 9 – 11 of the Statutes:


Article 9. The members of the Association shall be of legal age and capacity, both local and foreign individuals and legal entities with occupation or activity related to HRMD, who share the goals and objectives of the Association and accept this Statute.


Article 10. (1) Membership in the Association occurs with an application to the Chairman of the Management Board and after approval of the Board. Membership is effective upon payment of dues, according to the rules approved by the Board. Together with the application for membership the candidate shall submit a declaration stating that the applicant accepts the Statute and Code of Ethics of the Association.
(2) The application shall be presented for consideration to the Management Board by the Chairman of the Board within a period not later than one (1) month from the date of submission to the Association.
(3) The Board may accept membership in the Association or reject it. The decision is made in accordance with this Statute.
(4) Members of the Association are its founders, as well as the members already approved as per the policies adopted under this Statute by the General Assembly or the Management Board.


Article 11. (1) Membership in the Association is terminated voluntarily by written request addressed to the Management Board of the Association.
(2) Upon termination of membership the vacating member shall assume and undertake all his obligations to the Association incurred until the termination of his membership.
(3) Membership in the Association may be terminated by compulsion through expelling, in the event of violation of the rules of the Association Statute and professional ethics.
(4) For non-payment of dues under the rules set by the Management Board, the membership is automatically terminated.
(5) In the event of severance or termination of membership the person shall pay dues payable to the date of termination and other costs incurred by the Association as a result of the member unfair activity, determined and recognized with the issuing of a Board Protocol

Internal rules for payment of the membership due /Accepted at a conference of the Managing Board from 19.03.2009/

Payment of the membership due for the current year up to April 30th;
At the end of month May, a reminder is being send to the payers (via email);
Discontinuation of the membership of the ones, who haven’t paid until the end of month October;

The rules above are valid for members with an existing membership to the beginning of the current year.

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