The Bulgarian Association for People Management is a non-governmental organization, established to support and develop the professionals in the people management field.
About us

The Bulgarian Association for People Management
is a non-governmental organization established to develop the best professional practices in the field of human capital management and development and thus to raise the added value for organizations and to contribute to the enrichment of people’s potential and professional performance. The Association supports the development of the professionals in the human resource management area and aims at raising the status of the profession as a whole and establishing high professional standards, commensurate with the world’s practices and trends in the HR profession.

Establishes in 2000, the Association is in its adolescence. This means that BAPM is intensively developing, which is associated with both advantages and challenges. The organization has more than 850 individual and corporate members, working in the HR field as directors of HR departments in Bulgarian and multinational companies, training and development managers, recruitment and selection experts, compensation and benefits specialist and so on. Among the members are also managers and specialist working in consultant agencies, professors, communication experts.

BAPM initiates “open doors” policy which is associated with a wide orientation to people who are not a part of the HR profession. These are directors and specialists managing people and teams, representatives of public and professional organizations, sharing the idea of the high worth of the most valuable resource – people.

BAPM is a member of the European Association for Personnel Management (EAPM) and of the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA).

The Association initiates and organizes a lot of events – both professionally and socially oriented: conferences, discussions, Academy and School for managers and specialists in people management, educational sessions and seminars, knowledge sharing events that include know-how, best practices, and HR solutions exchange.

BAPM is a guarantor for active exchange of information between its members. It achieves this through intensive inner communication and a website, where a monthly newsletter including news and current HR information, analysis from international and national researches, information of forthcoming events and projects of the Association is available.

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