The Bulgarian Association for People Management is a non-governmental organization, established to support and develop the professionals in the people management field.
Why to become a member?

The Association offers its members:

• Trainings

• Certification and validation of acquired skills and knowledge

• Contacts

• Sharing of practices

• National and international events - participation on preferential terms

• Regional events - participation on preferential terms

• Events for different industries - participation on preferential terms

• Smaller thematic events - participation on preferential terms

• Opportunities for interaction with state institutions

• Partnerships with other professional non-governmental organizations

• Participation in partners’ initiatives and events on preferential terms

• Preferential terms for advertising

• Weekly e-newsletter

• Monthly e-newsletter

• Different communication channels for positioning among the other members of the community, incl. social media

• Access to analyzes and surveys, implemented projects and international practices

• Opportunities to share professional expertise in different formats - conferences, newsletters, webinars, etc.

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